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The Sonic Emporium
"Punta Galera"

Real Balearic warmly welcomes The Sonic Emporium to the roster.

Real Balearic warmly welcomes a brand new artist to the roster. Not only a producer, but a writer, Music Consultant, broadcaster and many more talents, we present to you, The Sonic Emporium. With this, the most regularly used alias from DJ and producer Simon Stuart, the Newcastle based producer has released on labels such as Ignition, Join Our Club, Abode, Wax:On Music and Blindetonation Records, always delivering delightful sounds.
This single entitled 'Punta Galera' is the latest creation from The Sonic Emporium, which consists of two summer soaked and captivating downtempo tracks. The title track gradually builds up element by element with a warm synth pad that underlines the track. This is combined with a chime like catchy melody that twinkles and echos, whilst the gentle percussion glides through the serene landscape he has created. Field recordings of early morning birds help paint this picture, whilst the vocal sample tells a story of a woman's experience of living on Ibiza during its halcyon days in the late 80's.
Bringing an upbeat vibe to the release is 'Shape & Colour'. This retro feeling production has 80's style percussion and drums which push the track forward, along with an ascending fuzzy bass line. The bold piano stabs gradually morph into synth lines that glisten and glide around the hemisphere of the track.
This is a wonderful debut to Real Balearic and shows positive signs for the future.

Written & Produced by Simon Eltringham.
Published by Dharma Songs.
(P) & (C) 2021 Real Balearic

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