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Steamy Windows
"Wave Rider & Shades Go Down"

Real Balearic warmly welcomes the San Francisco based collective; Steamy Windows.

Real Balearic warmly welcomes the San Francisco based collective; Steamy Windows. The newly formed Melodic House/Nu Disco group features Michael Anthony, Jimmy Bell, B. Smiley, Nick Hussey, and Yewplay. The project focuses on merging uplifting and vibrant electronic music with global environmental education, aiming to raise consciousness of the global climate recovery
The collectives release, entitled 'Wave Rider & Shades Go Down' is a cosmic and sensual journey. The opening track, 'Wave Rider' features spliced, silky delayed vocals and a funky hollow slap bass. The evolving synth pads and effects, gently glide across the stereo field. This summery and colorful track, makes your body groove and twist. The shimmering chorusy guitar and warm synth chords add the full bodied tones to complete the track.
The release is accompanied by a donwtempo, Belearic version of 'Wave Rider' that takes things a little deeper with delicate percussion and a solid groove
Steamy Windows continue to elevate the listener with a a superb instrumental 'Shades goes down'. This stripped back track, has old skool funk vibe with a bold basslime that drives things forward. The tight drums and Rhodes keys, sound very natural together, leading the path for the pitch-bent lead synth to cruze through the mix. There is a lovely breakdown just before the 3 minute mark, that stripped everything back, before building up gradually for the climax with added horns.

Written & Composed by Todd Christensen.
Produced by Michael Anthony & B.Smiley.
Published by Dharma Songs.
(P) & (C) 2020 Real Balearic

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