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"Central Balearica II"

Keeping the grooves warm & skies full of lazy sunshine

Keeping the grooves warm and skies full of lazy sunshine next up on Real Balearic we take our second trip across the ocean to Central America. Aimes is the snappy artist name for US West Coast producer Aman Ellis. Part one of the Central Balearic EP dropped last year and we are ever so pleased to be releasing the mighty fine follow up. The EP again takes us on a musical cruise around the Gulf Of Mexico.
Things start off with "Grooving In Guatamala", this track is one part uplifting, one part intrigue with its stabby synths and pads. Vaguely reminiscent of that Balearic classic Smokebelch. Next we head off to "Hooray For Honduras". Picked guitar samples, laid back percussion and vertical guitar build the mood to a sun-drenched zone. We then cruise to "Slow In El Salvador", here the groove slows to a slo-mo disco pace. CR78 style drums, slow bass synth and electronic riffs make this one the perfect sundowner. There is an uptempo mix of "Grooving In Guatamala" for those early evening nu disco sets too. A recent highlight on the Nang Beach Disco compilation.
Stay tuned for more from Aimes from Real Balearic

Written and Produced by Aman Ellis.
Published by Dharma Songs.
Mastered by Eugene @ Cromon Tor.
(P) & (C) 2017 Real Balearic

1. Grooving In Guatamala
2. Hooray For Honduras
3. Slow In El Salvador
4. Grooving In Guatamala [Aimes' Rio Dulce Monkey Mix]