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"Hope For The Future"

California native Daniel Judd, aka Sorcerer is back on Real Balearic.

California native Daniel Judd, aka Sorcerer is back on Real Balearic. Dan has wide ranging Influences; from 80s electro-pop, disco, psychedelia, kraut-rock (Kraftwerk, Can etc.) through to 70s style "smooth music" like Steely Dan, ELO and Fleetwood Mac. Dan started his life as a founding member of San Francisco pop group Call And Response.
Our debut 12" vinyl single and debut Vinyl on the Real Balearic both came from the genius mind of the Sorcerers. As Summer approaches its time once more to take a excursion to the slick summer sounds from Dan's studio with the 4 tracker "Hope For The Future" EP.
We open up with the title track "Hope For the Future" . The usual summer sheen is present but with this track Dan takes a slightly more robust approach to the groove with a stabby synth bass groove and pedaling guitar line over the top. Stabby chords and percussive drums accentuate the track too.
Next it remix time from Reverso 68 (the Balearic duo of Pete Herbert and Phil Mison) take the lead track on a remix excursion. First is their Club mix is is which all about the clubbed up bass and slick 808 drum sounds. Their "Sundown" mix does exactly what it says on the tin, with guitar and smooth drum patterns being the mainstay.
To round things off a new track "Mind Beyond" with its intelligent jazz leaning sensibility and snaking lead guitar all wrapped up with that high level of production gloss that Sorcerer always delivers with.

Written & Produced by Dan Judd.
Remix & Additional Production on 3 & 4 by Reverso 68.
Published by Dharma Songs.
(P) and (C) 2018 Real Balearic

1. Hope For The Future
2. Hope For The Future [Reverso 68 Club Mix]
3. Hope For The Future [Reverso 68 Sundown Remix]
4. Mind Beyond